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A Collection of Free Seamless Vector Patterns for Designers

Patterns help add texture to designs. Such resources are useful for graphic designers in making backgrounds and photo manipulations. It often adds life and consistency to artworks by making them more engaging and realistic.

Enjoy these seamless patterns that we have collected for you guys this week. As a bonus, the patterns are in vector. For those who are unfamiliar with vector files, they are graphic files specifically made to maintain the integrity of images whatever resolution you choose, without being pixelated even after resizing. These files are often made in vector-rendering programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or CorelDRAW.

Browse the selection and download right to your desktop for free. And again, enjoy this set of seamless vector patterns!

Seamless Vector Perforated Metal Pattern

perforated metal
This vector pattern is a seamless perforated metal pattern in .EPS file.
Download Source

642 Seamless Vectors

seamless vectors
A vector pattern from the Supreme Vector Set.
Download Source

Black Wallpaper Vector

black wallpaper
A vector pattern with a 500×500 size.
Download Source

Crazy Circles Free Seamless Pattern

crazy circles
Vector pattern that is made up simple circles available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.
Download Source

Free Seamless Vector Patterns Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves
Inspired by Fall or Autumn colors this vector pattern is made up and which is in EPS files.
Download Source

Free Vector Repeat Patterns Plaid

patterns laid
Plaid patterns in PNG and EPS files.
Download Source

Retro Pattern Vector

retro pattern vector
A flower pattern but in retro style.
Download Source

Free Vector Repeat Patterns Gears and Cogs

repeat  patterns
This vector pattern is made using Illustrator Gear Brushes in EPS and PNG files.
Download Source

Free Seamless Vector Pattern Warthy Floral

earthy floral
A free seamless vector pattern in EPS file.
Download Source

Different Vector Pattern

different vector pattern
A AI, EPS and SVG file vector pattern.
Download Source

Red Million Pattern One

red million pattern
Red million pattern in EPS file.
Download Source

Seamless Retro Wallpaper

seamless retro wallpaper
Retro wallpaper in AI format that is great for website backgrounds, decoration of any print material and wallpapers.
Download Source

Vector Animal Prints 15 Seamless Animal Print Patterns

15 Seamless Animal Print Patterns with realistic-looking cheetah,cougar, giraffe, tiger, leopard and panther prints.
Download Source


A pattern in CDR/ EPS format with a 5.9 MB file size.
Download Source

Floral Wallpaper

floral wallpaper
Floral Wallpaper with an AI format and 528 KB file size.
Download Source

1137 Retro Background 9 Vector

retro background
A 70′s style retro background in different fresh and vibrant colours in Ai format.
Download Source

Background Color Design

background color
Background, color design in EPS format and wiht a file size of 177KB.
Download Source

Free Damask Seamless Vector Pattern

damask seamless vector
A free damask pattern from Seamless Vector Packs with an AI file.
Download Source

Baroque Seamless

baroque seamless
An EPS format Baroque Seamless pattern.
Download Source

Free Damask Seamless Pattern

free damask pattern
A vector pattern that is ideal for creating backgrounds or backdrops for your website.
Download Source

Seamless Plaid Patterns for Illustrator

seamless plaid patterns
20 Seamless Plaid Patterns that can be used for fashion design, package design, web design.
Download Source

Valentines Day Heart Pattern

valentines day heart
A set of 10 Valentine’s Day heart that is available for Illustrator CS and above.
Download Source

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