One of the ways to make a logo design look professional, reserved, yet noble and aesthetically appealing is to use simple geometric figures, such as a square or a rectangle or a quadrangle in the broader meaning. In addition to aesthetic characteristics and favorable profile for visual perception, quadrangle shapes on the logo may also possess distinct symbolic meaning of some protected and well-delimitated area with the core element of the logo placed in the middle of the square field. Such quadrangle-shaped logos may fit all kinds of projects: from hotel logos to social initiatives and to real estate agencies. Properly combined with other graphic elements, background, and color palette, quadrangle logos may become efficient identifications for business and impressive addition to a logo designer’s portfolio.

Pod kolpakom by Dima Jelnov

Pod kolpakom

Anchor Marine by Daniel Evans

Anchor Marine

Profis Bud by Lukasz Ruszel

Profis Bud

Juan Gestal v4b by Andrea Zeman

Juan Gestal v4b

Day 71 – missing rocks by Srdjan Kirtic

day 71 - missing rocks

Roundel Motorcars by Josh Hayes

Roundel Motorcars

Limelight Studios by Sean Farrell

Limelight Studios

Travelgroup by Alex Wende


Georgian house by milash

Georgian house

RYJO cutting boards by Mike Bruner

RYJO cutting boards

Architectural heritage by Yuri Galitsyn

Architectural heritage

Death By Funk by Ben Garner

Death By Funk

The Solar Revolution by JDMdesigner

The Solar Revolution

Seeds of Love v.2 by Juan Camilo Rendon Alvarez

Seeds of Love v.2

Koal by Yi-zhang


Smuggler by Roy Smith


David Lammens by Tømme

David Lammens

Barreras by Mike Erickson


Red Earth by zephyr

Red Earth

Note Studio by Chad Sanderson

Note Studio

Yoglo ™ by Sean Farrell

yoglo (tm)

Firetree grille by lundeja

firetree grille

Pink ink by Mike Erickson

Pink ink

Zombie Mixer by strangeideas

Zombie Mixer

Big Kahuna Software by Jerron Ames

Big Kahuna Software

Terranova by Prismatic


Shocked by Fogra


Inspire to Success! by LoGoBoom

Inspire to Success!

BowesPigs by Roy Smith


Jolo by Neil McDonald


Trucker by mavrin


GST by Matheus


Amiga Zine by HelloUriah

Amiga Zine

Woodcraft by Fogra


TY CAMERA by omixam




Willie | Wide Open Country by Honest Bros

Willie | Wide Open Country

Hopman Cup by Bcreative

Hopman Cup

Navigator Home Repair by LoGoBoom

Navigator Home Repair

IvyKline by Raja


El Dorado by LoGoBoom

El Dorado

Memory Lane by LoGoBoom

Memory Lane

Eureka by kleron


To Go Green by JayKay

To Go Green

Potomac Harbor by Leighton Hubbell

Potomac Harbor

San Bernabe Vineyards by Leighton Hubbell

San Bernabe Vineyards

La Taquiza by Borinagge

La Taquiza

Villa San Lorenzo 1 by lalohead

Villa San Lorenzo 1

Dimchevski Design by Dimchevski

Dimchevski Design

Kettle Maid – A Family of Restaurants by pulsecreative

Kettle Maid - A Family of Restaurants

Talltree press by tinix1

Talltree press

Zeenvia by !mude


SilverSilence by voxsix


Open layer by scorpy

open layer

Brand Events by tass

Brand Events


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